Why Condo Living is Right For Your Family

Most families think that once they have kids they have to buy a house with a backyard for the kids. However, more and more families are choosing to raise their kids in a condo. With so many benefits, a condo can be a blessing. Is it right for your family? Lifestyle, values, location and many other factors all contribute to the success of family condo living. Every family is different, but here are some reasons to consider buying a condo instead.


Friends and Fellow Parents Close By

Imagine living in one big giant house with all your friends where all you have to do is walk down the hall to go play. This is what it’s like to live in a condo for a young child. Having their friends close by is every kid’s dream. In a condo, the kids will have a bunch of kids to play with right outside their door. Without leaving the building or complex, kids can go play and parents can hang with other parents. The camaraderie and connection of condo living creates a special tight-knit bond among residents. 

You’ll not only live close to friends, but you’ll also feel more connected too. Because condo living with a family isn’t technically the norm, families who choose the condo lifestyle tend to bond over their decision. It’s like a community of people who have the secret to blissful living that no one else knows. Having kids is already a point of connection, but having kids while living in a condo is an even stronger bond that is only understood by those living it.


Common Gathering Areas

Impromptu entertaining and gathering is fun and easy in a condo. While having the neighborhood kids over to a house for a pool playdate is fun, you would have to play the role of host and make sure the pool is clean, towels are ready, and there’s enough seating for everyone. In a condo, a simple,
“Meet us at the pool!” text message is all you need to host a fun day at the pool. You show up to the common area, play and swim as much you want, and then head back to your private quarters. 

Condo buildings are known for having large common areas perfect for hosting and gathering as a community. Indoor community centers, open outdoor spaces, and even pools are huge perks for providing family entertainment. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of these areas (though you do have to clean up after yourself). Let the fun times commence!


Fewer Household Chores = More Quality Family Time

It’s Saturday, and dad’s out mowing the lawn and mom’s on the phone scheduling the annual palm tree maintenance. Owning a house is a lot of work. Even if you’re not always doing the manual labor, it can be very time-consuming learning about your home, researching, and scheduling maintenance visits. Condo living doesn’t make all your chores magically disappear, but it does cut down considerably on the amount of housework, particularly exterior jobs. 

Families that live in a condo rave about all the extra quality family time they get with all the free time on the weekends that would otherwise be spent on maintaining a house and yard. Most condo communities have an HOA or governing board in charge of exterior maintenance and upkeep of the community grounds. Quality family time is sometimes hard to come by in today’s modern world of busy schedules, so making the most of yours might be something to consider when deciding where to live.


Urban “Walking” Lifestyle

One of the main differences between living in a home versus a condo is the location. While some condos are built in a suburban setting, most offer a more urban surrounding landscape. Walkability is a major plus for those living in a condo, with easy access to restaurants, shopping, parks, art galleries, walking paths and/or schools. 

Replace drive time with spontaneous walks and outdoor adventures. Exploring and getting to know your community means keeping it hyper-local and frequenting the businesses that are within walking distance of your home. Families love this unique differentiating factor that makes condo living with a family that much more special.


Hudson East: A Modern Craft Community

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