Why You Want To Purchase a New Construction Home Now  

A new construction home has a number of advantages that would make any buyer turn their head. While older homes can invoke a sense of nostalgia for the past, the maintenance and upkeep required are ultimately impractical. See why brand-new homes are so popular, and why you shouldn’t wait to capitalize on the opportunity of purchasing one sooner rather than later.

Fewer Repairs 

A new construction home inherently has less wear and tear on the structure, meaning you’re less likely to make major repairs anywhere in the near future. This benefit allows you to save more money in the first few years of ownership — otherwise known as the years when you’re paying the most interest on the property. You also have all the benefits that a warranty can provide. So in case you do need to make repairs, it will likely be covered under your policy.

Higher Efficiency 

The US Department of Energy stated that while a
new home is 30% larger than older homes, it consumes the same amount of energy. Utility bills can creep up in older homes quickly because the windows, insulation, and appliances aren’t operating at their utmost efficiency.

Resale Value 

Newer homes tend to have better resale value, mainly because buyers are attracted to saving money on their utility bills. However, this is not the only reason why newer homes retain their resale value. They also tend to offer the modern amenities that homebuyers are looking for, like additional storage, high ceilings, and sleek appliances.

Safety Benefits 

From new smoke detectors to ground-fault circuit breakers, newer homes reduce the risk of owners being burned (either literally or figuratively) from their home. The inspections the home has to undergo during construction virtually guarantee that the wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems won’t pose safety risks to you or your family. 

The appeal of newer homes has nothing to do with people wanting to discard the past. The truth is that newer homes are simply built with the modern homeowner in mind, making them safer and more practical. If you’re looking for a new home that meets your high expectations, Porchlight Homes has
developed an opportunity that you really can’t miss. We design each of our homes to be better than other properties that are comparable in price. We provide the amenities you’re looking for in a modern home.