Moving? You’ll Want to Know These Top Packing Tips

Nobody likes moving day, but better packing will help the day run a little smoother. Whether you’re the family that waits until the night before or you’re already planning two months out, these pro packing tips are sure to take the edge off when the moving truck arrives. 


Top Pro Packing Tips 


  • Bookstores are a great place to go for free boxes. Walk in and you’re sure to find someone who can offload those empty boxes for your big move. 
  • Do you need a specialty mover? General movers may not be qualified to move expensive or heavy items like pool tables, pianos, art, etc. 
  • Pack legal documents and financial records in a labeled box. Keep this box with you in your car when moving.   
  • Make a donation pile of clothing and other items that you no longer want or need. Schedule a Goodwill donation pickup for the week before you move. 
  • Use heavy duty garbage bags to pack hanging clothing. When the clothes are still hanging, put the bag around large sections and tie around the top of the hangers. 
  • Use your linens to protect your dishware and other valuables. 
  • Take photos of anything you’ll need to reassemble in your new home, like electronics, TV, and bed frames. 
  • Keep any hardware pieces in a labeled plastic baggie and tape it to the corresponding item. 
  • Each family member should pack an essentials bag that has toiletries, medicine, pajamas, and other daily essentials. 
  • Designate an “unpack first box” that includes bedsheets, shower curtains, toiletries, most-used kitchen items, and a flashlight for good measure. 
  • Pack a kids box of all their favorite toys and activities. Surprise them with it when you get to your new home. 
  • Don’t pack your debit card. You’ll want to withdraw cash and keep it on you to tip your movers. 


First Things First  


Whew! Packing and moving is over and you’re finally in your new home. Sure, you might be surrounded by brown boxes and scattered furniture, but you made it. Here are a few unpacking tips for easing into your new home. 


  • Unpack your “unpack first box” and essentials bags first 
  • Head to the grocery store. A full fridge will feel like home and you’ve probably been eating out a lot leading up to the move. 
  • On the other hand, embrace pizza dinner on the floor. It’s a right of passage for every new homeowner. 
  • Give yourself some grace. Don’t feel like you need to unpack everything immediately. 
  • Go explore your new neighborhood. Head out for a walk and drive by the kids’ new schools the night before their first day. 


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