How to Build Community in Your Neighborhood 

When you’re looking for a new home, many experts will tell you that location should be at the top of your wish list. While this is absolutely true–and the reason why Porchlight Homes neighborhoods are located in ideal Arizona cities–we are also big proponents of community and neighborly camaraderie. 


According to a recent article, we found that only about half of Americans who know at least some of their neighbors have face-to-face conversations with them on a weekly basis. To this, we say, “you’re missing out!” 


A neighborhood that values community is a happy place to live 


Imagine pulling into your driveway as your neighbor next door happily waves from where he’s planting a new tree. You go over to see what he’s up to and you discover that there’s a new restaurant opening up down the street. You make plans to take the families out that weekend to try it. 


Social connections have been scientifically proven to boost mental health and improve quality of life. One of the easiest ways to build community in your neighborhood is to talk to your neighbors and establish a neighborly relationship with them. You don’t have to be best friends, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you are! Even talking about the weather, restaurants, or how the kids are, are all acceptable topics of conversation.


Having that social connection can also help alleviate any pain points with your neighbors, as well. If you feel comfortable talking to your neighbor face-to-face, then you’ll be able to kindly bring up any issues, like noisy dogs barking or overgrown trees dropping on your roof. Keep it kind and you’ll be able to keep the community vibe intact.


Community can help increase home values  


Living in a neighborhood that values community is something everyone wants, not just for the social interaction, but also because good neighbors can help increase your home’s value. When your community takes pride in their home’s appearance, for example, everyone benefits from increased home values. 


When there’s a beautifully crafted neighborhood of homes filled with happy and fun people, word travels fast. It’s no secret where the best family neighborhoods are in your area. When someone raves about how much they love their community, don’t you just want to move in right away? 


If you’re looking for a lush and spacious greenbelt where the kids can play, like at Lazy Day Manor, you’ll find that with a neighborhood that values community. Many desirable community amenities can help increase home values and attract buyers when a home is for sale. 


Build community by being a good neighbor and leading others to do the same


You can’t control how other people live, but the first step to building community in your neighborhood is to lead the charge yourself. Demonstrate good behavior and treat your neighbors how you want to be treated. Sounds so simple, right? It is! But it may take years before your efforts make a difference. 


Ideas for building community include: 


  • Waving and smiling at neighbors
  • Starting up a conversation 
  • Maintaining your home’s appearance
  • Planning a community event
  • Hosting a dinner party 
  • Planning a play date for the kids
  • Attending events that others host
  • Informing neighbors when you’ll be having a party (and extending an invite!)
  • Starting a community Facebook group 


A personalized touch and genuine care of family with Porchlight Homes


Not all new home builders believe in going above and beyond for families, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe in fostering families by serving them with parks, pathways, and other amenities that bring them closer together through play and social interaction. 


It’s a nice feeling to know your neighbors, and in a small community, chances are you will. This is one of the reasons families choose a Porchlight Homes neighborhood. For more information about our communities, reach out to us online or stop by for a tour!