Family-Friendly Pool Party Themes

Summer birthdays, long weekends, 4th of July, and hot temperatures. All great reasons to host a pool party at your house. When entertaining, having a theme is a great way to create a flow of the event. Once you decide on the theme, the food ideas seem to flow from there. Not to mention, the decorations and game ideas. Here are some creative family-friendly pool party themes that are sure to spark some summer fun.



You know that catchy baby shark song? Well, everybody get in line and embrace the shark theme! A shark photo prop is a must. Plus, the whole family could play sharks and minnows in the pool. All you need is some shark candy and goldfish crackers for snacks, and you have yourself a shark party.



Think Moana, but a little more elevated for the adults. Hawaiian leis are always a nice touch. Look for bright colors when shopping for plates and napkins. Throw this inflatable palm tree float in the pool and the kids can pretend like they’re sailing with Maui. Oh, and don’t forget the coconut smoothies and pineapple burgers. Yum.  



All things sports! This theme is perfect for a family with boys who love sports. Create your own sports trivia game with your favorite teams and players. Put up a volleyball net in the pool for an activity that involves everyone. These soccer ball cupcakes would be the icing on the cake.


Summer Camp

If the kids went to summer camp, keep the theme going. Plan activities and games that you would play at camp. Balloon tennis, paper plate ice skating, tug of war, tire swings, tie-dye T-shirts, DIY science experiments, cannonball contests. We could go on and on with fun activities that families can do together. After all that fun, whip up some sloppy joes and lemonade for dinner.


All Out All-American

We never get tired of burgers and hot dogs. Go all out for 4th of July this year with flags, pendants, pinwheels, and other red, white, and blue decorations. Fire up the grill and jump in the pool! Games like corn hole and ring toss are classics that the whole family can play. All you need is a side of watermelon and you’ve got yourself an all-American 4th of July BBQ.

We hope you enjoy fun quality time with your family this summer. All the better if it’s in a Porchlight Home! For more information about our communities, reach out to us online or stop by for a tour in Phoenix, Gilbert, and Scottsdale!