How to Pet Proof your Home

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering what inspired Porchlight Homes to write a blog post about pet proofing your home? Is there a backstory? Did someone’s dog get into the trash or devour the throw pillows?

Quite the opposite actually. Our Vice President Logan Powell’s dog, “gets up on the couch to take naps when nobody is home, but other than that is very well behaved.” Where’s the mattress fluff, Logan?! Give us the good stuff…er, fluff!

If you’re bringing home a new pet, don’t be fooled by Logan’s angel dog. We’ve heard through the grapevine that puppies love the smell of new cabinets. In all seriousness, here are some tips to keep the home we built for you protected from your pets and your pets protected from your home.


  • Install temporary kick boards to prevent scratching on cabinets
  • Push breakables and knives up against walls away from countertop edges
  • Use child locks on cabinets and pantry doors


  • Keep toilet lids closed to prevent drowning and chemical ingestion
  • Block entrance to small nooks or spaces where a pet could get stuck
  • Move sharp razors, soaps and cleaning supplies up high and out of reach


  • Put a temporary protective cover over couches and chairs
  • Store decorative pillows away if you’re going through a chewing phase
  • Invest in lint rollers or a pet hair vacuum cleaner


  • Close doors when rooms are not in use
  • Use child proof covers for outlets and cords
  • Remove breakables or heavy items from dressers
  • Secure heavy dressers to walls


  • Install a pool gate if necessary
  • Bring cushions inside when pets are outside
  • Move potted plants out of reach

Buying your first home is a big milestone. If you haven’t found the home of your dreams yet, have you thought about building it? At Porchlight Homes, we bring your dream home to life with thoughtful craftsmanship and a genuine touch. For more information about our communities, reach out to us online or stop by for a tour in Phoenix or Gilbert, and coming soon to Scottsdale!