Fun and Free At-Home Date Night Ideas

If you’re like us, you look forward to doing something fun after a long week of working hard. Friday and Saturday nights are popular date nights for Porchlight Homes families. Going to dinner and a movie every date night can get expensive. We’ve come up with a few date night ideas that you can do at home. The best part? Some of them are free!

After you put the kids to bed, you can finally spend time together just the two of you. Having a date night at home might mean you have to get a little creative, but it can be just as fun as going out. Here are some ideas to inspire at home date nights in your new Porchlight Home.

Fun and Free At-Home Date Night Ideas

Make Dinner Together

This one isn’t totally free, but cooking dinner at home costs a lot less than going out. We’re loving the meal kit delivery services that ship you a box of ingredients ready to make a delicious meal. No grocery shopping required! Plus, some of them offer a free trial. Just don’t forget to cancel the subscription if you don’t want it to continue.

Cleaning and Organizing

If you haven’t heard of the Kon Mari method by now, allow us to explain why we think cleaning and organizing is a great date night idea. First, it’s addicting! Just watch one of the episodes of “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” and you’ll want to instantly clean out your closet. Tidying up as a couple is an activity that requires teamwork, communication, and follow-through, which are all great character traits to work on as a couple. Plus, there’s no better feeling than an organized home and a clean slate.

Play Charades

This classic game requires no materials and it can be downright hilarious. Invite your friends over and make it into a double date night. Each person thinks of a book, movie, or song title to act out. Indicate to everyone which category you’ll be acting out. Then, show how many words are in the title by holding up that many fingers. The first person or team to guess gets a point. Embrace your silly side!

Book Club Discussion

Having a book club together is a great at home date night idea for couples who like to learn something new together on their date nights. Choose a book that you will each read separately. When you’re ready for a date night, grab some snacks and beverages and talk about the book.

Go on a Walk

Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying inside. If the weather is nice, go on a walk around your neighborhood. You’ll be surprised at how walking stimulates conversation. Head to the playground and swing on the swings. Or sit on a bench and enjoy the night. Maybe you’ll meet some neighbors while you’re at it. We love this date night idea for a simple, yet meaningful way to spend time together. Plus, this one can be done with kids!

We hope these date night ideas inspire you to spend a fun night at home and bring you closer together as a couple. Saving some money isn’t too bad either!

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