Favorite Trendy, Unique Restaurants in Phoenix

Besides the beautiful weather and friendly people, one of the best things about the Phoenix area is the local restaurants. There’s no shortage of trendy and unique restaurants near our Porchlight Homes communities, but we’ve narrowed it down to our current favorites. If you’re new to the area or looking for a new place to try, here’s a list of some of our favorite Phoenix restaurants.



Type: Casual café  


Locally known for: Bruschetta


Why we love it: With multiple locations throughout the Phoenix area, each one is unique. We love that the trendy décor of each location is a unique reflection of the building it’s in.


The Parlor Pizzeria

Type: Traditional pizza parlor


Locally known for: Wood-fired pizzas


Why we love it: There’s always something new to try with unique and seasonal ingredients piled high on thin crust dough.



Type: Pizzeria with a twist


Locally known for: Rotisserie chicken


Why we love it: A restaurant that specializes in rotisserie chicken is our kind of restaurant. We love their to-go options for an easy and filling meal for the whole family.


Joyride Taco House

Type: Mexican


Locally known for: Unique tacos


Why we love it: There’s nothing like enjoying delicious Mexican food on a beautiful patio, which is what you get at Joyride. They have a great menu for kids too!  


Type: Casual breakfast


Locally know for: Breakfast “sammies”


Why we love it: Do you love going out to breakfast on Sundays? Us too! We love Scramble because there’s something for everyone including breakfast sandwiches and healthy smoothies.


Enjoying a meal out of the house is a fun treat, but it’s the best feeling when you can come home to a house that you love. At Porchlight Homes, we bring your dream home to life with thoughtful craftsmanship and the personal care of family. For more information about our communities, reach out to us online or stop by for a tour.