Quiz: How to Find Your Home Design Style

Ready to start designing the interior of your home? Take this quiz to find your personal home design style.


If your home were to transport you to your dream oasis, what would that look like?


a. A ritzy museum in Paris

b. On the beach

c. Wide open ranchland

d. A comfy bed of pillows


What color palette are you drawn to most?


a. All white everything

b. Blues and greys

c. Taupe and nude

d. Pops of color


What natural element could you picture in your home?


a. Glossy white quartz

b. Wood

c. Exposed brick

d. Concrete


You’ve just won a $1,000 home shopping spree. Where would you go shopping?


a. Ikea

b. Home Goods  

c. Local antique store

d. Wayfair


What one word best describes your personal style?


a. Chic

b. Easygoing

c. Jeans

d. Colorful


If you answered…


Mostly As

Your home design style is minimalist chic if you answered mostly As. Using Scandinavian design inspiration, you’ll feel most at home with a simple and sleek look. Opt for clean lines, polished surfaces, and everything in its place. Show off your personality with unique, modern lighting fixtures. Because of the minimalist feel of this type of design, purchasing high-quality, well-built pieces will make your home look like it was professionally designed.  


Mostly Bs

There’s nothing wrong with living the coastal life in the desert. Your design style is coastal transitional if you answered mostly Bs. Embrace your love for the colors and feels of the beach. Keep it light and breezy by using neutral colors balanced with calming tones of blues and greys. A linen slipcovered couch and loveseat are the perfect anchor for your living room. Consider whitewashed wood dressers for the bedrooms and a white framed photo gallery to line the hallway.


Mostly Cs

Love to watch Fixer Upper? We thought so. If you answered mostly Cs, your home design style is farmhouse-inspired. Your daily uniform consists of jeans and a button-up. Now you need a cozy living space to curl up in. Embrace industrial elements like exposed brick details, concrete, textured rugs and fabrics, and mixed metal fixtures. You might like a wallpapered statement wall in one of your bathrooms. Just don’t overdo it with the buffalo check pattern.


Mostly Ds

Your home design style is eclectic if you answered mostly Ds. We love that you’re not afraid of color. Mix and match textures, colors, old and new. Borrow inspiration from a variety of different design styles. The great thing about an eclectic style is that you can simply buy things that you like and pair them together. The result is a beautiful and colorful reflection of your personality.


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