Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

Loving your home to its fullest is our dream goal. That’s why we’re in this business. We create beautifully designed homes with the personal touch of family. You create beautiful family memories. And so the cycle goes.


We know that every family functions differently. Some thrive in chaos. Some like everything in its place. Some want the latest smart home technology, while others don’t mind.


When you move into your new home, you might not notice right away that you need a place to put the trash can, but after a few months of living, you’ll surely have a list of projects you want to complete. With a floor plan you already love, making some simple functional enhancements will allow you to love your home even more.


From our family to yours, here are some easy and simple DIY home improvement projects that will add value to your everyday living.


Child Proofing – If you have small children, adding cabinet locks and guard gates is a must for preventing accidents. These magnetic lock and keys won’t interfere with the aesthetic of your home.


Window Locks – A complete home security system is something many homeowners decide to install, but they often come with a monthly payment. If you’re unsure if you want to purchase one, an easy way to rest peacefully is to install these simple window locks.


Kitchen Organization – There are many ways to optimize the organization in your kitchen. Here are some of our favorites.


  1. Install a convenient pullout trash can in one of your cabinets. Choose a location next to the oven or sink for optimal use.
  2. Add additional drawer slides to double your cabinet storage.
  3. Build in permanent cutlery organization in your drawers instead of using inserts.


Garage Floor Epoxy – There are many benefits to adding a coat of epoxy to your garage floor. Plus, it’s easy to do it yourself if you follow a tutorial.


Laundry Room Function – When the laundry room is organized and functional, everyone is happier, including the person doing the laundry. Ask us how we know. Here are some ideas.


  1. Add some stylish hooks for hanging clothes to dry or storing just-used pool towels.
  2. Use a large laundry hamper like this where you can throw miscellaneous dirty things like towels, placemats, and bed skirts.  
  3. Install a wall-mount ironing board for a convenient way to iron out those wrinkles.


Window Treatments – Installing shutters is usually a job for a professional, but hanging curtains is something you can do yourself. Before you screw anything into the wall, look at some professional design resources for tips on curtain rod height.


At Porchlight Homes, we bring your dream home to life with thoughtful craftsmanship and a genuine touch. For more information about our communities, reach out to us online or stop by for a tour.