5 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

At Porchlight, we take pride in cultivating a seamless transition to our craft neighborhoods. Your new home is brought to life with genuine care and a personal touch. Imagine a space where new neighbors gather for a meet-and-greet block party, trick-or-treaters come out in full Halloween tradition, and you discover the ideal home for your lifestyle.


The best way to make this vision come true is to be a good neighbor. Many signs of a good neighbor are also signs of a good person. Who knew lessons taught in kindergarten would carry us through to adulthood? Brush up on your neighborhood etiquette with these friendly reminders.  


1. Introduce yourself to new neighbors


It may seem like a thing of the past, but what better way to welcome a new neighbor than with a homemade pie or plate of cookies? A good neighbor always introduces themselves to a new neighbor when given the opportunity, but a great neighbor creates the opportunity. Make it a teachable moment for your kids to learn how to be empathetic to new people they meet.


2. Do your part to keep the community clean


If you see some debris in the street, stop and pick it up. Your true character as a neighbor is defined by the moments when no one is watching. Love your neighborhood by cleaning up a spilled trash can or helping a neighbor haul away a fallen tree. A clean community is a thriving community.


3. Watch out for the safety of others  


You don’t have to be part of a designated neighborhood watch, but you should keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Look out for unfamiliar cars or solicitors with bad intentions. Make sure you keep your neighbors informed of anything you see that could be unsafe. Creating a Facebook group is a great way to stay in touch.


4. Be conscious of your dog’s behavior


A 2 a.m. barking chain will drive your neighbors crazy. Nothing is more annoying than interrupted sleep. Be conscious of your dog’s habits. Do you know how to command your dog in a sticky situation? Is your dog barking all day while you’re at work? A good neighbor is conscious of their dog’s behavior and how it affects others.   


5. Maintain your curb appeal


Regular landscaping, paint touch-ups and cleaning up clutter. These simple upkeep projects will show your neighbors that you care about your home and the value of the neighborhood. Maintaining curb appeal is the sign of a good neighbor, but this doesn’t open the door for you to harass your neighbor about their yard. Great neighbors lead by example.


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