How to Choose the Best New Home Community in the Phx Area

Finding the perfect location to call home. What an undertaking. On the other hand, what a blessing.


A new build home offers the chance to personalize your dream home, but how do you choose the best community? If you’ve narrowed your search down to the Phoenix area, allow us to be the first to welcome you! Porchlight Homes’ two newest craft neighborhoods—Eastpoint in Gilbert and Lazy Day Manor in Phoenix—offer the charm and tranquility of a vibrant, established community rich in heritage.


Set Yourself up for a Happy Home Search   


The first step in choosing the best new home community in the Phoenix area is to set your mindset in positivity mode. If you’ve never purchased a new build home before, we recommend touring many model homes before you decide on the community where you want to live. This is to ensure that you have all the information possible before making a big decision. While you’re touring new communities, look at your home search as something you get to do rather than something you have to do.


Make a Location Wish List  


The best location means something different to everyone. You might want to be within walking distance to restaurants. But someone else might have an elementary school at the top of their location must-haves. Before deciding on a new community, write down the things that are important to you in terms of location. This includes community amenities. If you’re looking for a lush and spacious greenbelt where the kids can play, like at Lazy Day Manor, add it to the list.


Curb the Appeal to Design Distractions


When we build homes, we have the end result in mind. A young family loving their new home that gives them ample storage, an ideal layout, and plenty of space to play and grow together. As you’re building memories to last a lifetime, we’re building homes with the highest quality materials and processes. When choosing the best new home community for your family, don’t be distracted by the interior design. Though it is essential to love the visual representation of your home, having it built right should be equally important. Do your research and ask questions about the materials and processes that the home builder uses.


Trust Your Instincts


You can’t wipe that silly smile off your face. You feel like you have a butterfly family living in your belly. You can’t stop thinking about that dreamy kitchen. All the boxes on your location wish list are checked off. If you experience any of these model home tour side effects, chances are you’ve found the one. Trusting your instincts is a big part of choosing the best new home community. By honoring that feeling, you won’t have any regrets or hesitations when it comes time to sign the contract.


Are you eager for that butterfly-belly feeling? We’re confident you’ll feel right at home at one of our new home communities. If you’re looking for dramatic 10-foot ceilings, a spacious kitchen layout, energy-efficient construction, designer lighting, and so much more, then Porchlight Homes is for you. For more information about our vibrant new home communities, reach out to us online or stop by one of our neighborhoods for a tour.