Christmas Decor Storage: Solved!

Are you one of those people who take down Christmas decorations on December 26th or do you hold out until after New Years? Regardless of which party you fall in with, we’ve put together a list of tips to make life a little easier.


  1. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Proper rolling and storage will save you big headaches next year. An inexpensive idea that is to take the flaps of a cardboard box and cut a notch in one end to tuck the plug and then wind the lights around the cardboard flap before placing them all in a bin or box. Genius!
  2. ORNAMENT STORAGE: Take the time to wrap ornaments individually in tissue paper. Take a page out of your Grandmother’s book and use the wrapping or tissue paper from opened gifts to wrap your ornaments. When you reopen that box in 11 months you won’t be opening a broken mess!
  3. TREE STORAGE: Oh, Christmas tree!. For those who have artificial trees, this is the decoration that can cause the most grief. Especially if your significant other likes to wrestle the Christmas tree back into the box it came in. If the box was made for that, GREAT! But after it has been fluffed and made to look perfect for the holiday season that could make the original box idea a little complicated. Luckily there are Christmas tree storage bags and boxes made for that sort of thing. Use plastic wrap around the largest area of each section of the tree as you take it apart. Then as you grab the bag to hoist it into an attic or on a high shelf or hanging unit, you’re not just hanging onto flimsy branches. You reduce the risk of breaking a branch or possibly causing an electrical short in your pre-lit tree.
  4. I JUST NEED MORE SPACE! If all of this is still causing you a headache because you don’t like playing “Decoration Tetris”, we have another great solution for you. Have you seen the rolling Christmas tree storage units? Keep the tree all hooked together, cover it up with the plastic bag and roll it into the corner of a 4 or 5 car garage at our Morada community. Problem solved.


Happy New Year!